Easter Bunny Tracker 2019 is preparing to go offline

Track Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny Tracker is preparing to go offline.

One weekend every year, the Track Easter Bunny Team keeps track of the Easter Bunny and gives live updates to kids all around the world.

It’s been a wonderful Easter and some things can definitely be improved with the Easter Bunny Tracker.

As one engineer says, “We use satellites, radar, special bunny cameras in the field, and other sophisticated instruments each year to track the Easter Bunny’s journey. We plan, plan, and plan. But even with all the planning, it’s difficult to plan for the popularity of Easter Bunny.”

For the moment, we’re getting ready to do some maintenance on the Easter Bunny Tracker and prepare it for shutdown until next year.

Happy Easter!

— The Track Easter Bunny Team

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