Easter Bunny Tracker Countdown

353Days 19Hours 36Minutes 46Seconds

To shine a light on when the Easter Bunny begins his journey across the globe in 2020, keep up to date with our second-by-second Easter Bunny Tracker Countdown clock. 



  1. easter bunny 1# says

    12 hours 42 mins 0seconds

  2. maybe the Easter Bunny is like Santa, He starts his trip around 6:30 Saturday on the other side of the world. That would bring the end of his trip around 6 am on Sunday.

  3. easter bunny says

    00 days 21 hours 30 min

  4. easter bunny says


  5. easter bunny #1 says

    1 day 1hour 4 min 11 seconds

  6. i know

  7. lucaswayne20 says

    only 3 days!!!! I can’t believe it!

  8. EasterAwesomeness says


  9. hi Easter bunny come out night before saturday

  10. why that

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