Easter Bunny Tracker

Track the Easter Bunny with our Easter Bunny Tracker: a service that lets you keep track as the Easter Bunny delivers Easter eggs and candy to the homes of children. The Easter Bunny Tracker provides updates to kids of all ages as the Easter Bunny travels around the world. Questions about how the tracker works? Check out the FAQs section

Easter Bunny Tracker

The Easter Bunny Tracker has been powered down following a successful 2018. You can check our blog or join our newsletter for additional updates about this year’s activities and our plans for 2019!


  1. The Easter bunny is so cool thank you for my gifts

  2. I just saw the Easter Bunny! He is across the street from me, hopping around the San Francisco 49ers Stadium (Levi’s Stadium) and leaving eggs and treats!!

  3. Easterbunnyrocks says:

    hope everyone is having a good easter

  4. I can’t wait for the Easter bunny

  5. Devan K. says:

    My parents told the easter bunny that my siblings and i only get 10 eggs each.
    Plus they sleep late on easter :/

  6. Wow I can’t wait till we can see what we got from the Easter bunny

  7. Danielle Dewitt says:

    The time is wrong. It’s actually 11.50am. How do you put that right?

  8. MathsHat1 says:


  9. Sofia Wall says:


  10. How do I tell where the Easter bunny is I got up early to see this boot eastern time at 5 am and it booted up already I can’t tell where the Easter bunny is please help someone

    • Easterbunnyrocks says:

      Breanna the place where the easter bunny is right now will be the place where the track easter bunny mascot is hopping.hope I helped 🙂

  11. Yay it’s up lets track that bunny

  12. EasterAwesomeness says:

    It’s up!! Let’s track that Bunny!

  13. Annaliese says:

    Hi Easter bunny hope u have safe travels around the world and can’t wait what you have for us all

    By the way when does the tracker start it’s not working yet

  14. hi easter bunny how are you going

  15. Can’t wait to see what you have for me

  16. Sofia Wall says:

    When does it begin? It hasn’t started yet?

  17. Dear Easter bunny I would really love to know what your real phone number is so that I can ring you. And when you visit our house we will have a little note saying thank you for bringing the easter treats to us.

  18. Hi. Is the tracker on?

  19. the tracking bunker says:


  20. Cute cookie says:

    The Easter bunny is coming to town

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