Easter Bunny Tracker

Track the Easter Bunny with our Easter Bunny Tracker: a service that lets you keep track as the Easter Bunny delivers Easter eggs and candy to the homes of children. The Easter Bunny Tracker provides updates to kids of all ages as the Easter Bunny travels around the world. Questions about how the tracker works? Check out the FAQs section

Easter Bunny Tracker

The Easter Bunny Tracker has been powered down following a successful 2018. You can check our blog or join our newsletter for additional updates about this year’s activities and our plans for 2019!


  1. dear Easter bunny are you leave plastic eggs at my house!

  2. isabella says:

    I want candy

  3. my friend once saw the easter bunny at her desk. i was amazed.

    i was awake when the easter bunny came last year, but i closed my eyes.

    interesting stories

    i love the easter bunny cuddly snuggly yay so excited easter is in 2 more days! YAY

  4. Easter Awesomeness says:

    WE’RE BACK!! Happy Easter everyone (almost)

  5. Hi easter bunny I rely want a fit bit and american girl doll things.

  6. I heart Squishy! says:

    Hi my sister say’s hi to the Bunny or whatever. cute idea! Amazing for little ones THE EASTER BUNNY IS REAL PEOPLE

  7. i am excited for easter this year for easter i want a fit bit so bad and alot of candy and chocalate yum yum thanks easter bunny i love you

  8. little kid:bunny bunny bunny
    little kid:where does the Easter bunny live mommy
    mom: easter land fosure
    little kid:I will track him down and pet him

  9. 6 more days can’t wait ==easter

  10. Hello Easter Bunny.

    i wish you good luck this year, and I am VERY excited!

    Thank you!

  11. hello im so existed for easter I’m going to track him and last year I heard loud jumps down stairs when I heard it stop I ran down and looked out side and saw pig foot steps in the snow and had eggs hiding and my backlit waiting for me can’t wait to hear him this year your friend Mariah

  12. When does the trackeaster up and running

  13. Dear easter bunny, for easter i wanna get way better at math.

  14. i wuv easter!

  15. My kids are so excited. They are looking forward to tracking the Easter Bunny.

  16. andycaasaon says:

    dear easter bunny for easter iwouold like some smarts for easter your friend andy

  17. Bella cookie says:


  18. yah the easter bunny is coming!

  19. do a good job this year

  20. Thank you so much for the gift

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