Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the Easter Bunny.

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What is the Easter Bilby?

The Easter Bilby lives in Australia and is a rabbit-like marsupial. Some say the Easter Bilby helps the Easter Bunny deliver candy while in Australia. While these unofficial reports cannot be confirmed, the Easter Bilby is worth mentioning because Bilbies (which are native to Australia) are an endangered species.

Easter Bilby

By Dcoetzee (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons



  1. alisonklemann says

    tell santa i was good all year and tell him i want a phone

  2. say WHAT?

  3. liah and jasmine says

    do you have siblings easter bunny?

  4. When did this tracker show when the Easter bunny leaves and where abouts it is

  5. Comes On Easter Sunday

  6. easter bunny today

  7. hi easter bunny can i have a cute stuffed animal i would like u can pick it out for me u choose happy easter
    last year he hid me and my brothers baskets it was funny we thought we diddnt get a basket until we saw eggs and i was the one who found my basket first

  8. Hi I hope you hide my basket ok don’t forget

  9. EasterAwesomeness says

    Sweet! A comment section on the FAQs! The tracker has gotten better this year!

  10. Jade Dude says

    hi Easter bunny! can i have some chocolate please?

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