What is your Easter Bunny Name?

Easter Bunny Name

Have you always wanted your very own Easter Bunny name? Find your Easter Bunny name in two short and easy steps.

Step 1

Find the first letter of your first name. For example, if your first name is “Billy”, then your Easter Bunny first name is “Bouncy”. Once you’ve located your first name, scroll down the page to Step 2.

First Letter of Your First Name

A. AdorablyN. Nibbly
B. BouncyO. Overly
C. CuddlyP. Puffy
D. DizzyQ. Quirky
E. EasterlyR. Rowdy
F. FluffyS. Snuggly
G. GummyT. Tiny
H. HoppyU. Uppity
I. ItchyV. Velvety
J. JumpyW. Wooly
K. KindlyX. Excitedly
L. LivelyY. Yappy
M. MerrilyZ. Zany

Step 2

Now find the first letter of your last name. For example, if your last name is “Smith”, then your Easter Bunny last name is “Socks”.

First Letter of Your Last Name

A. AngelN. Nibbles
B. BunnyO. Oopsy
C. ChucklesP. Paws
D. DimplesQ. Quick
E. EarsR. Rascal
F. FeetS. Socks
G. GoofballT. Tail
H. HopU. Ups
I. IdolV. Veggie
J. JellybeanW. Wiggles
K. KidX. Explorer
L. LaughsY. Yummies
M. MarshmallowZ. Zippy

That is your Easter Bunny name!

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