Easter Bunny Tracker Countdown

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To shine a light on when the Easter Bunny begins his journey across the globe in 2020, keep up to date with our second-by-second Easter Bunny Tracker Countdown clock. 



  1. kaysen warehime says

    I love the Easter bunny

  2. When will you be in Maui Hawaii?

  3. When will you be in Eugene Oregon

  4. When are you going to be in Tallassee

  5. Taylor Mix says

    when do you go to springfeild mossouri?

  6. When will the easter bunny be in lewisburg wv

  7. When will he/she be at walker LA

  8. when you going to be in northbay ontario canada

  9. When will the Easter bunny be in Lorette mb Canada. From Matthew & Renee

  10. How long is it going to be until you get to Elk River,MN

  11. When are you going to be in Brewer Maine

  12. Endre2017 says

    He arrives at my country in 4 hours

  13. When will you be out here

  14. When are you going to be in Louisville Kentucky

  15. What is your First

  16. Hi Easter bunny

  17. jim tavelaris says

    7 hours 2 minutes 2 sceonds

  18. EasterAwesomeness says

    Hi! According to the FAQs,

    The Easter Bunny is a hare, not a rabbit. Hares are generally faster than rabbits and have very strong legs. Since the Easter Bunny is a hare, he has the ability to hop around the world since hares are that fast!

    Happy Easter! 🙂

  19. How do you give all those Easter eggs out in one day and one night?

  20. I litterly loved that April fools prank

  21. love ester

  22. Can’t wait to see what you bring me and my brothers and my niece are you gunna bring me a basket this year easter bunny

  23. its nice

  24. good plan Emma

  25. me too Charlie

  26. yes I be so happy tonight

  27. Me too he’s coming

  28. Don’t prank the Easter bunny he is harmless

  29. 16 hours /:

  30. Angelcatsdogs says

    Omg 11 mins I’m so excited

  31. I am going to pull a good April fools prank on the Easter Bunny

  32. We are very excited for the Easter Bunny to come tonight! Can’t wait to see what you bring! Lots of love Alli xo Safe travels x

  33. Happy Easter Easter bunny

  34. 44 mins left until Easter bunny sets off and i start tracking him to excited

  35. Excited to track the Easter Bunny! 😀

  36. Get really easter bunny

  37. Bunnies!!

  38. EasterAwesomeness says

    Very close! Just a few hrs.


    We will be waiting for you Easter Bunny!

  40. get some rest easter bunny

  41. I’m SO EXCITED

  42. Safe Travels Easter Bunny

  43. Onedirectionislife says

    Can’t wait !

  44. Happy travels!Easter bunny

  45. we start tracking you in a couple of hrs.easter bunny.

  46. XBL Minion says

    Can’t wait

  47. I love Easter and getting eggs that I broke my leg when you come can you sign my cast please

  48. I’m so excited for the Easter bunny tracker to
    I wonder what time the Easter bunny go’s to surrey

  49. Hi Easter Bunny from Ridge

  50. Luke Salimbene says

    Hi easter bunny see you on easter

  51. Haleigh Alls says

    What is your last name

  52. Haleigh Alls says

    Well my birthday is on Easter. And the Easter Bunny came and he got me a chocolate egg.But, he left me a note. The note said you been a very good girl.

  53. i love easter because last year i had on by birthday and it was great

  54. Easter is Here 38 more days to go so exited

  55. You spelled tomorrow wrong!!,

  56. lol

  57. easter bunny i will leave you my magical easter seed from the mall and i will leave you some pretty hard boiled eggs that i dyed for you cant wait for tomarow love you easter bunny

  58. PLZ come easter bunny im 13 and still belive come to va

  59. steel halks fan says

    dear eater bunny,

    I hope I get some shokins

  60. I don’t really want nothing for easter all I won’t is family
    I only won’t 15 things for Easter

  61. steel halks fan says

    I love you easter bunny

  62. i love you and can i have phone for easter

  63. gabriel tonderum says

    easter bunny when are you coming to maple valley?

  64. I Hope I Get Eggs Too!!

  65. Cant wait to have those delicious chocolate eggs!

  66. Cant Whittier to have tose delicioso chocolate eggs!

  67. Blake Fellows says

    Dear Easter Bunny I hope I get a lot of candy even a gummy bunny out of you pls deliver it to my house tomorrow pls
    I will leave carrots.

  68. Easter bunny 12#%* says

    Dear Easter bunny you are the beat l left a carit on the deck so you don’t get angry
    Travel save

    Happy Easter bunny 1#says:

  69. Hi ! Easter bunny I am so exited for you to come to my house Even though I can’t see you I love you hope you bring me some eggs lol Love , Makenzie.

  70. hi easter bunny i am now your friend forever IF YOU COME TO WA AT 9AM

  71. I’m in Sydney so the Easter bunny comes tonight for me

  72. Hi Easter bunny

  73. Hi love you have a good travel good around the world and am in Boston MA good luck bon’t forget me ok I want you to hide my basket

  74. I cant wait to see what you Ieave me! I have been good

  75. Nicole Mann says

    Dear Easter bunny
    Your best your my best friend ever are you going to give me a colouring book and chocolate your really my best friend ever
    Can you give me a special bunny kiss if you do I will love you


  76. Dear Easter Bunny, You are probably very busy visiting peoples houses! Its 7:42 am. Its Easter Eve. I can’t wait for you to come to my house and I will wake up bright and early! I’m really excited!

  77. Rebecca Cameron says

    I am the Easter Bunny Happy Easter to everyone!

  78. Thats so cool

  79. ethan14th. says

    dear Easter bunny I love you and I like your job
    I hope I get some Easter eggs
    love Joshua&Ethan(;

  80. MathsHat1 says


  81. Dear Easter Bunny, you make my day! Happy Easter and travel safe!
    Look forward to seeing my surprise!

    Love you

  82. MathsHat1 says


  83. cool bunny says


  84. Me too

  85. I so exited and I love you so much ester bunny

  86. Cool I’m really exited and I a kid and I on holidays

  87. Erin Stone and cupcake says

    I love you Easter Bunny. Can’t wait for you to come….

  88. hi

  89. I’m in Australia so for me its 3:35 PM on Easter Eve

  90. cool bunny says

    I’m on the other side of the world

  91. cool bunny says

    so exited I’m in Toowoomba QLD Australia and its 3:23

  92. When do you come to town

  93. easter bunny 1# says

    Easterbunnyrocks i’m living in canada.I should be tracking by 8:00 am i now how gets delivered first around new zealand.

  94. yeahhhh

  95. Yay! I can’t wait to see you! I love you Easter Bunny! Hopefully i’ve been good this year!

  96. Hey Easter bunny I like you ❤️❤️❤️

  97. the tracking bunker says

    the tracking bunker is ready to track eb

  98. Easterbunnyrocks says

    Cool I’m in the eastern time zone of the United States. Have a good easter eve. Hope to track with you tomorrow i’ll be tracking at 5:00 Am ET tomorrow <3

  99. easter bunny1# says

    hey Easterbunnyrocks your time is ahead of my time see look 5:28

  100. Only 12 hours !

  101. Easterbunnyrocks says

    Soo Cloose

  102. yeeeezzzzzzzsssssssss

  103. Easter bunny is cool says

    i cant wait

  104. 00 day 11 hours 4 minutes

  105. easter bunny 1# says

    12 hours 42 mins 0seconds

  106. maybe the Easter Bunny is like Santa, He starts his trip around 6:30 Saturday on the other side of the world. That would bring the end of his trip around 6 am on Sunday.

  107. easter bunny says

    00 days 21 hours 30 min

  108. easter bunny says


  109. easter bunny #1 says

    1 day 1hour 4 min 11 seconds

  110. i know

  111. lucaswayne20 says

    only 3 days!!!! I can’t believe it!

  112. EasterAwesomeness says


  113. hi Easter bunny come out night before saturday

  114. why that

  115. 383 days, 8 hours, 5 minutes, 43 seconds until next Easter eve. Easter must be on April 18th next year! Happy Easter everyone! See you all next year!

  116. gpainter17 says

    Easterbunnyrocks for me it says 383 days

  117. Easterbunnyrocks says

    only 338 days till next easter!!!!!!!!!!!!

  118. KeikoSatome says

    I loved the easter bunny tracker count down.

  119. I got lots of stuff!

  120. Happy Easter everyone!!!!

  121. HollyGagnon says

    lajames  Love this! Ps. Happy Easter!~Holly

  122. HollyGagnon says

    Happy Easter to the Easter Bunny, and a Happy Easter to all the families from around the globe celebrating this blessed holiday!
    Eat great food and treats y’all!

  123. m_trezemer says

    i am really exited for the Easter Bunny to come!!!!! Let’s get to bed

  124. I will track for a little bit then I’ll go to bed for The Easter Bunny.

  125. easter bunny is coming says

    im going to bed see you guys tomorrow. I hope I get newsies on broadway cd

  126. its 8:20 here in brooklyn pleease easter bunny come soon!

  127. @michaelsargis1 This is an Easter place, not a Christmas place lol

  128. The Easter Bunny tracker countdown will reset on Monday. And it will set to how long The Easter bunny tracker goes live again!

  129. KeikoSatome says

    I can’t wait for you to come mr.easter bunny.

  130. HollyGagnon says

    Happy Easter Everyone! have a hoppity good time!

  131. I CAN’T WAIT !!!!!!!

  132. michaelsargis1 says

    Christmas is comming in 1 day im so exited !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  133. ConnorCauley says

    so close to easter

  134. TheEasterWolf says


  135. Make sure you’re getting his carrots outU0001f430U0001f430U0001f430

  136. I know right

  137. 6hours left soooo pumped

  138. So Egg-cited!!!

  139. i dont know if i can wait that long

  140. Easter is in 2 days #2016

  141. Easterbunnyrocks says

    easter eve is tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  142. EasterxBunneh says


  143. EasterxBunneh says

    EasterAwesomeness EasterxBunneh EASTER IS IN 2 DAYS!!!!!! :DDDD

  144. EasterxBunneh says


  145. rabbbbit34 says

    does tha easter bunny come too pinevalley utah

  146. Easterbunnyrocks says

    EasterAwesomeness EasterxBunneh Same

  147. Easterbunnyrocks says


  148. Easterbunnyrocks says

    It’s so close I can’t wait

  149. Easter is so awesome!

  150. tornadomatt02 says

    I cant wait for easter than I can track him and I love easter

  151. EasterBunnyCrazy says

    3 days, 2 hours, 29 minutes, and 27 seconds left until Easter 2016!

  152. EasterBunnyCrazy says

    Every year I get tons of candy! So I am really excited!

  153. ConnorCauley says

    Now it’s 4 days 20 hours 53 mins and 30 seconds

  154. Sonicboom363 TheSonicFan says

    Getting there to 5!!!

  155. Sonicboom363 TheSonicFan says

    Only 6 days left!

  156. Happy almost Easter everyone!!!

  157. Irina_da_surfer_808 says

    Just 8 Days 3 Hours 4 minutes to go !

  158. I want to know where he is not have many days until Easter!!!!

  159. gpainter17 says

    This is awesome!!!!!!!! 14 days,03 hours, 21 mineutes, and ten seconds until easter here in PA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHEN WILL IT BE HERE!!!!!!!!!!??????????!!!!!!

  160. EasterXBunnyXLover says


  161. yasss 33 days until easter

  162. Man already? i love tracking santa but tracking easterbunny is so awesome to! (i have a youtube channel its called TBZ Trackers) im pupmed for tracking this year im going to be doing a 35 hour live stream so go watch it!

  163. EasterxBunneh says

    ******LOVE EASTER******

  164. EasterxBunneh says

    “353 days, 13 hours, and 43 seconds left until Easter 2016!”
    Next year’s must be March 27th then!

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