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To shine a light on when the Easter Bunny begins his journey across the globe in 2018, keep up to date with our second-by-second Easter Bunny Tracker Countdown clock.



  1. easter bunny i will leave you my magical easter seed from the mall and i will leave you some pretty hard boiled eggs that i dyed for you cant wait for tomarow love you easter bunny

  2. PLZ come easter bunny im 13 and still belive come to va

  3. steel halks fan says:

    dear eater bunny,

    I hope I get some shokins

  4. I don’t really want nothing for easter all I won’t is family
    I only won’t 15 things for Easter

  5. steel halks fan says:

    I love you easter bunny

  6. gabriel tonderum says:

    easter bunny when are you coming to maple valley?

  7. Cant wait to have those delicious chocolate eggs!

  8. Cant Whittier to have tose delicioso chocolate eggs!

  9. Blake Fellows says:

    Dear Easter Bunny I hope I get a lot of candy even a gummy bunny out of you pls deliver it to my house tomorrow pls
    I will leave carrots.

  10. Easter bunny 12#%* says:

    Dear Easter bunny you are the beat l left a carit on the deck so you don’t get angry
    Travel save

    Happy Easter bunny 1#says:

  11. Hi ! Easter bunny I am so exited for you to come to my house Even though I can’t see you I love you hope you bring me some eggs lol Love , Makenzie.

  12. Morrrison says:

    hi easter bunny i am now your friend forever IF YOU COME TO WA AT 9AM

  13. Hi Easter bunny

  14. Hi love you have a good travel good around the world and am in Boston MA good luck bon’t forget me ok I want you to hide my basket

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