Easter Bunny Tracker

Track the Easter Bunny with our Easter Bunny Tracker: a service that lets you keep track as the Easter Bunny delivers Easter eggs and candy to the homes of children. The Easter Bunny Tracker provides updates to kids of all ages as the Easter Bunny travels around the world. Questions? Check out the FAQs section. You can check this page any time to view the current status of the Easter Bunny Tracker.

Current Status: Offline

Easter Bunny Tracker

The Easter Bunny Tracker is now offline after successful tracking the Easter Bunny in 2019. Learn more about the different operational states of the Easter Bunny Tracker here. You can check our blog or join the Track Easter Bunny newsletter for additional updates about this year’s activities!


  1. He came to my house in Melbone and gave me and my sister over 100 Easter eggs each!
    And me and my sister heard him jumping and we saw him close our doors

  2. That great Tracking the Easter bunny all day on Saturday 31st March
    I was so fun we leaved some carrots for him

  3. thank you

  4. Thank you for my Super Mario Board game! Hope to see you next year!

  5. yay he came

  6. Hey Easter bunny can you please bring my baby sisters Easter basket too it’s her first Easter and bring me one too

  7. He put my eggs in a row.

  8. me to

  9. We live in British Columbia Canada..we can’t sleep. We are waiting haven’t seen him yet

  10. No way you did give me some details of what he loooked like

  11. I found lots of Easter Eggs

  12. Hopefully you can come to my home in Ducan

  13. Come to my house tomarow from summer and Alfie

  14. Love ya Easter Bunny! 😀

  15. lots of love

  16. weston2010 says

    He came to my house and I saw him he is fluffy

  17. weston2010 says

    Happy Easter

  18. Leave carrots are a vegetable leave a note saying thank you! And most importantly believe

  19. Jinangou says

    Did you leave the Easter eggs EASTER BUNNY?

  20. Aiyana Hutchinson says

    Hope you come to our house in Northern Ireland, happy Easter from Aiyana and Safiya.

  21. Easter Bunny sorry there were no carrots…

  22. He came 😛 ty

  23. Mckenzie The Savage says

    My mom doesn’t allow me down until 8:00. I snuck down and the bunny moved my freaking basket.

  24. I love Easter EB. You are so nice to me. You already came here. I have not saw my gifts yet. It is early in the morning here.

  25. How do I say if he comes and add to the map?

  26. Aloha from Hawaii! I’m in Kailua EB!

  27. He already came but I’m not allowed downstairs yet!

  28. It is very early in Minnesota and the bunny haven’t came to my house yet but I am very exited

  29. bring me a xbox 1 with controlor im poor

  30. I hope you all have a beautiful easter everyone HAPPY EASTER

  31. It’s Late here in Canada he already came see you next year mr bunnny

  32. Eb please come by my house

  33. I hope I get something good but I’m not allowed down stairs so yaaaaaa PS I have to say on my 3rd floor

  34. I hope I have great gifts like I do every year!

  35. William D says

    Dear EB, I am waiting patiently for you to come to my house. I hope I have been good enough! Everyone has spotted you and recorded it on the map. Please can you come to me soon. Love you love from William

  36. Jennifer le says

    Can’t wait until you get to my house in katy

  37. Please come to Madison.

  38. Just woken up and I see bunny ears and a letter thanks Easter bunny I hoped you get my letter and you did I can’t wait to see downstairs

  39. I have always wanted an Apple Watch. My name is Anna but if you cannot get an Apple Watch, a 5 or 10$ bill is fine. Please leave it under my pillow. Thanks! Love you E.B. (Btw, my birthday is april12!! Yayayyay!!)

  40. I think he has already been to my house? But I am not allowed downstairs until 8:30 🙁
    Super excited to see what he has left me! My dog is already excited!

  41. Damian I can wait to see what the Easter bunny is going to bring me this year. Love you Easter bunny.

  42. Kyleigh Tipping says

    Hi, EB my name is Kyleigh, I can’t wait until you get to my house i will be in bed a d asleep by the time you get here. And can i ask you something how can you go so many houses in one night all over the United States? Give me lots and lots of candy and a 10 dollar bill please. Thank you Mr. EB. See you soon. Bye, Bye.

  43. Hello Easter bunny I am Julia and I really like Easter so I hope I get the best Easter suprizes ever

  44. Please give me an Easter egg under my pillow thank you

  45. connie egner says

    something for us too please easter bunny thank you very much p.s. love you connie & evelyn ………………………………….

  46. EBisgreat says

    I would love Squishies too!

  47. EBisgreat says

    hes So close to my house! Could I pretty please get a dog? I’ve wanted one for as long as I remember and have never gotten one. I realize this is late but my brothers and sister want a dog too much love and stay safe EB love – Devan Harper Jordan And Breanna

  48. I really would like a American girl doll please and thank you Easter bunny I love Easter very much

  49. In UK its 3:00 am

  50. I think the Easter bunny ate my carrots in my garden and gave me lots of Easter eggs to find today Easter Sunday Morning

  51. Brittani Chestnut says

    i would like a fitbit color pink and a samsung galaxy tab3 thats white and a otterbox the color is white and pink

  52. I would love the cute stuffed easter bunny

  53. Dear eb, I would love a squishy and many many gummy bears

  54. I have just woke up and was loads of Easter happy Easter everone.

  55. Happy Easter Mr.Easter Bunny

  56. Eleanor B says

    HI EB, my name is Eli, and I am excited for you to come this year. I would super duper pretty please, with carrots on top, like a piano for my American Girl Doll. I understand that it’s late, if you cannot bring it, could you super duper pretty please with carrot ice cream on top mail instead. Thank you. Your biggest fan ever.
    Eli reli shmeli belli nelli of the deli.

  57. I love the eEaster bunny

  58. Where are you.

  59. I left out some carrots for the bunny too!

  60. Omg! I’m so excited. Easter is my favorite holiday! Have a good Easter everyone! Stay safe Easter bunny!

  61. wow its so close to me!

  62. Jennifer Catren says

    I would like a red blue basket with reeses peanut butter bunnies
    M&Ms reeses peanut butter eggs solid milk chocolate bunnys
    Gummy worms gummy bears and a cute stuffed easter bunny

  63. Bella Waddell says

    He was at my house I saw him


  65. we have banana and apple for you EB

  66. almost here.

  67. I’m staying up and hugging Easter bunny and on live on youtube at Brady durbin/powerofallworldsearths titanium

  68. Man this bunny is fast!

  69. Can I get a hug and a snickers bar

  70. im still up cant sleep

  71. Have fun tonight easter bunny and don’t get cold

  72. Me too

  73. Omg it’s already 22:27 PM here can’t wait

  74. jacqueline says

    me too =3

  75. jacqueline says

    aww i want an iphone too i’m 10 turning 11 i should get one or not? what do you think

  76. I’m staying up for u Easter bunny.

  77. Yaya i can’take wait!

  78. michael guest says

    It’s getting late, but besides candy, l like gift cards, too, if that’s okay.

  79. im going to try to catch him on camera soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ya

  80. I can’t wait for Easter ❤️❤️

  81. I’m still up I’m so exited for the Easter bunny to come I laid out dauter can carrots for him have a happy Easter bye guys


  83. Can I get a I phone 8+

  84. Can you leave me squishy

  85. Still up can’t wait!

  86. Unknown (can’t say sorry) says

    Me Too 🙂

  87. Happy Easter From Hillary He’s getting closer to OH where I live Hope the Easter bunny will be here in OH pretty soon

  88. Don’t Tell Santa this but I think I like Easter better than Christmas

  89. Don’t tell Santa this but I think I like Easter more

  90. We have Reese’s instead of carrots for you Mr. Bunny wje can’t wait to see the goodies you bring, safe hopping! Love, Mia

  91. Hi Easter bunny. We hope you can bring us some good stuff. Thank you Akarii and Kai

  92. I love you Ester bunny

  93. He was here in Indiana

  94. caitlin shepherd says

    still cant wait

  95. sirogers01 says

    Leaving carrots out for you love S,C,B,H,&Izzy Our two year old golden retriever!

  96. Happy Easter

  97. Hi I am tracking him

  98. Hi we are H m a r we want to know where you are going to hide the eggs we hope you like lettuce I wish you a happy Easter I sow a wonderful bunny on are front yard are we thought it was your helper

  99. Hi easter bunny I want warheads

  100. Happy Easter!

  101. Easter bunny please bring me silicone squishy

  102. caitlin shepherd says

    we can’t wait and we have some carrots, and pictures 4 u

  103. Dear Easter bunny can you leave a egg in my room have a safe journey love Seth PS make it say my name on the egg love Seth.

  104. Melissa Fisher says

    We saw some bunnies in our front yard and we are wondering whether they work with you.
    We are going to leave some lettuce our for you.
    From A, H, M and R

  105. Dear Easter Bunny, we are at the beach and I hope you can find me! If not that is okay, have a safe night and hoping for a Easter basket! Love you emma

  106. Can you set out eggs with a basket of thing thanks

  107. He’s getting closer to NYC where I live

  108. Hi easter bunny we will leave carrots out and have good journeys.

  109. That is funny

  110. Emma Wodarcyk says

    Can not wait to see you tomorrow

  111. last year we saw him on my swwan cam system

  112. WASSUP EASTER thank you for makeing me smile
    : () ..

  113. David Hicks says

    Hello I left you a note on the table and I was wondering when you come in since you know if I’m asleep or if I’m awake if you become invisible because sometimes I get up in the middle of the night to get some milk.

  114. Hi Easter Bunny I was very exited all day for you to come please leave a egg I the microwave so I know you saw this text. We did not have any carrots.

    -Eva ps make the egg in the microwave golden and get another egg for my brother and put it in the microwave and make that egg orange

  115. Hello☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️❤️☺️❤️❤️☺️❤️❤️☺️☺️☺️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  116. He is getting close to North Carolina were I live

  117. HELLO Easter bunny I really want a giant fluffy unicorn slime supplies and a lot of Squishmallows and squishys love Sammy

  118. Ally & Parker says

    Thank you for being so kind, Easter Bunny! We can’t wait til you get here and hope you have a safe night! Love, Ally & Parker

  119. Can you also give me a lol doll thank you so much

  120. Hi Easter bunny! I left out some carrots for you! Thank you for bringing me gifts! I love you- Evan p.s. I also love the cubs.

  121. Hello easter bunny! you make me smile every year with lots of eggs and yummy treats!
    I wish you a safe journey!

  122. Can you please give me a squishy and something in my american girl doll basket

  123. Jenna Lee says

    I want a 5 fnaf at Freddy’s surprise egg can you please do that for me that would be great happy Easter

  124. Hi Am tj put egg sound plow ples

  125. Hi ttj put egg oundor my pillow ples

  126. Jenna Lee says

    Leave a egg under my pillow or right beside me thanks

  127. Dear ester bunny can you leve a egg under my pilow

  128. I’m leaving granola for you

  129. Easter Bunny, can you paint our Easter eggs tonight? We will leave carrots and a piece of candy for you to help you on your journey. Have a happy easter! We would like to stay up and take a picture of you. 37745 you know what these numbers are. Please leave a basket of goodies for me and my sisters.

  130. Christopher and Juliana says

    We are going to bed now ! We are ready

  131. Easter bunny I would really like some Pokémon cards for Easter! Can you bring my sister Paisley bubbles! Love carter

  132. Tyrone jones says

    I left some carrots for you

  133. Samantha Rae Jones says

    Please hide an egg in my nanas room

  134. Hi Easter Bunny, we love you so much even though we cannot are you. We wish you a happy Easter and we hope you get enough carrots! One more thing, please leave us the things we asked for….love, D and K

  135. I’m waiting for you, Happy easter, I left some carrots for you,

  136. Thank you Easter Bunny for giving kids baskets that don’t really ever get any baskets or anything special


  138. Hi hi Robinson Easter bunny put eserter area in mind allele plillor ow ples

  139. Bella. Shawneen says

    Hey Easter bunny have a good trip have a good time laying eggs

  140. Dear Easter Bunny,
    For Easter, instead of having a chocolate bunny I would like a remote control car please.
    L. P.

  141. Frida Amoateng says

    Hey Easter Bunny, send me some carrots 😉

  142. Dear easter bunny I really want some LPs
    Xoxo savana

  143. Hi my name is Reese. I have a little sister named Sydnee, a dog named Gordie, and a guinea pig named Peanut. For Easter I would like a picture of you. My little sister would like a Barbie doll and can you please get my dog Gordie something that he can chew on. Peanut would love some fresh hay. Happy Easter and have a safe journey. Your friend Reese

  144. Hope you come to my house this year

  145. hi easter bunny i left some carrots for you and i wish you a happy easter.

  146. Have a wonderful journey home Easter bunny and merry easter

  147. Catherine says

    Leave an egg under my pillow

  148. Your the best Easter bunny and you rock

  149. We cannot wait for the easter bunny to stop at our house in Jersey! We left carrots out

  150. Hi Easter Bunny can I have a titanic Model? Love, Mason


  152. Hi Easter Bunny! Every year keeps getting better, and better. I feel like we are going to get lucky this year. You’re such a kind bunny. I love you. Thank you for making me and my siblings smile! – Owen, 7 years <3 Dear Easter Bunny, You are so kind and I love you very much. You make me smile every year. Thank you for everything. – Jacob, 7 years <3

  153. Nanny and Friends says

    Have a safe and warm journey Easter Bunny! Bue bye Easter bunny!

  154. I hope to hear or see you this year. I hope I can find a golden egg.

  155. Benjamin & Oliver Mugford says “ Safe hopping around the world”
    We will leave some carrot cake for you ❤️

  156. Have a safe travel Easter bunny.

  157. Easter Bunny,
    Can you come into my room
    & wake me up so I can talk to you?
    Do you talk?
    From Ben

  158. Brennan Nicholas says

    Please can you give me a fidget spinner for my collection – Brennan
    I do not know who the Easter bunny is? – Nicholas

  159. Is the easte r bunny here in springville

  160. Hi Easter Bunny! Love, Aidan and Colin

  161. I am so excited to see you and so excited for tomorrow I hope you come to my house I live in Florida I am just so excited to see you for drink you have water and to eat you have LOVE ❤️ Juliana

  162. Hello Easter bunny I would like a iPhone and slime

  163. Hi Easter bunny I wake up in the middle of the night so pleas come to are house quick my name is Noah

  164. Hi Easter Bunny my name is Tara I’m sooooooo excited for you to come! I wonder where you his the golden egg this year! I want lps’s and steelers stuff like juju smith-schuster stuff ! Thank you and thank for all the work you put in for my presents. Love you . Live,Tara

  165. Please can you give me a fidget spinner please I will do anything- Brennan
    I do not know who the Easter bunny is? – Nicholas

  166. Whey Easter bunny plz give me 20$

  167. I love you Easter bunny. You’re so amazing
    Love Alexiah

  168. i love you Easter bunny i hope you can come to my house you make us smile and it makes me so happy for you to come to my house bye bs i love you so so so so so so so so so so so so so much bye for real

  169. Hi Easter Bunny – it’s Brody & Avery can you please get me a hatchmatcl surprise twin
    Safe travels

  170. Fear Easter bunny i have a dog named Kipper he is a chiwawa and loves to see you every year . I also have two cats named Gary and Maui they scratch on the door when they hear you. – Mia

  171. Hi Easter bunny I love you so much you are the best

  172. thast what i thought too lol

  173. happy easter

  174. hi easter bunny its 6;36 pm tonight im going to stay up and wait to see see i heard you last year hope to hear or see you this year

  175. Hi it’s talia i hope you have a great easter.I realy want a cat for easter.

  176. Hello?

  177. My sister and I were wondering if you could give her some art supplize and give me some glue

  178. My mom and dad probably Won’t let me stay up late to see The Easter bunny

  179. Dear easter bunny,I really really wants some slime,glue,clay and the eggs to be hid verry verry hard. love Briley

  180. Hi Easter Bunny hope I am not taking up your time I am from WV. I want a PS4 and a puppy boxer that is real.P.S. I want Fortnite with the the PS4 please.
    Sincerely, Katie

  181. Lol #eggsided

  182. Hi Easter bunny my name is Brielle I can’t wait to see you at midnight I hope you have a good night love Brielle

  183. emanuel b says


  184. My name is Jackson and I am staying up to see you

  185. Dear Easter bunny please can I have a ps4 VR please its been my biggest biggest dream

  186. Katherine says

    Hi Easter bunny my name is Ryleigh and I can’t wait for you to visit me. I love for you to bring me Easter eggs for me to open. And I’m so excited to eat them. I love you and I hope you come to my house right now and I’ll go to bed after my one game, I love you and want you to come to my house. If you come I will hug you and it will be a great day. Love Ryleigh

  187. Can you Easter bunny hide my stuff somewhere really tricky so i can’t find it …..

  188. My brother wants a bobble head of ender off the braves and I want a baby car seat for my baby doll and a outfit

  189. i think that an xbox is a bit much to ask of the easter bunny i mean dosent he\she only give out chocolate eggs and candy

  190. Hey it’s 8:11 pm hopefully Easter bunny comes soon I am on Long Island so eggsided for Easter bunny to come I will leave you out carrots

  191. Hi easter bunny . Travel safe tonight , wear hunter boots cause it’s really snowy here . Love Adrianna Aubree and Brielle

  192. hey ekvs

  193. Charlotte says

    It is so exiting! Happy Easter!

  194. Hi Easter. I love animals! Especially bunnies and kittens. I’ve been hugging our bunny,Peter. I’m hoping for a cat plush and a bunny plush. Small ones. My basket will have beads on it. And a note.it can say anything! Bye! (I’m a kid. Dad let me use this!)

  195. Doesn’t the Easter bunny only give candy?

  196. I like your Comment

  197. My name is Ellie, I can’t wait to see my surprises and lots of eggs


  199. Hi Easter bunny me and brother are so excited for you to come can you leave egged outs for us go on Easter egg hunt

  200. Dear Easter bunny I live in Elk River,MN I hope you got my note of what I want and what my sister wants please hide things hard from Ali

  201. I want a ps4 or a Xbox with NHL 18 please bunny

  202. HI easter. Unnecessary could you please give me a Xbox or a ps4 please it’s my dream to have one of those two

  203. Evie, Maddie, Lilly says

    I hope you like the flowers and snack we left for you. Please bring good treats we’ve been good! Love you Easter Bunny. Love, Evie, Maddie, and Lilly.

  204. Hi

  205. Hey There, my name is Piper! I would really like a Hamster for Easter! Thank you in advance!

  206. Dear easter bunny I want bts merch and an album wings bt s album

  207. Hi Easter Bunny,
    I want the movie ferand,a mario plushie, and a squshie. Please and thankyou.

    Hunter T

  208. me too

  209. please i will do anything and i will give you 3 carrots can I get a nomnoms snackable

  210. i love the easter bunny

  211. dear easter bunny I live in st jean mb you still havnt gotten to my house yet and its only me and my brother I have 2 dogs but you only need to beware of one of them its my brothers 1st easter and I would like it to be a good easter for him and just to let you know I will be leaving you a carrot or so please maybe if you can hide all the things to make it hard and so you know that my brother cant eat any chocolate that’s why I ask you to hide it and make it harder then ever before

    love and eggs
    Hailey, Xavier, Nicole, yannick, chevy, sierra, rouge, cookie , london

  212. Dear Easter Bunny,
    My sister really wants that Amazon baby doll. So please give her that doll, or else she will be a little sad. Also, give her that Joovy blue dot car seat from Amazon as well. Please give her those things!

  213. The easter bunny most likely gives candy only oliver

  214. We are twins in Newfoundland.we can’t wait for you to come. We are going to bed now. Thanks Easter bunny.

  215. Hi easter bunny, I dont mind what u bring me! Watch out for my dogs one is a bit old and she wont see u. The other is very friendly and will want u to pet him. I hope u have an amazing easter because u work so hard and u deserve it! Love ava xx

  216. How do you get around the world in 24 hours Easter Bunny?

  217. pwees give me a mario or fnaf plush

  218. Easter Bunny i’m Kianna i’m in Ireland.I do like egg hunts but me and my sister would fight over them.Good Luck! 😉

  219. Dear Easter Bunny, thank you in advance for the candy! Love Noah

  220. hi easter bunny what time will you be visiting fitzwilliam UK?

  221. hi Easter bunny can you leave some eggs outside for me and my brother? by the i’m Jaidyn and my brother is Logan

  222. Hi Easter Bunny,
    I’m so excited because I can’t wait to see my surprises.

  223. i live in ohio

  224. Dear Easter Bunny
    Can you please get my dog Bean (girl) a blanket and wish for her to get better and get my brother a new race car or book and pls ease get me a putty that’s from indigo

    Bean, Beebee, Whiskers, and me❤️

  225. I know!!

  226. Hi easter bunny… savanna & Bella here.. can’t wait for you to visit! Please bring us fur babies. And lots of candy and goodies. We hope your having a great day, we love you!

  227. Dear Easter Bunny, I would like a squishy and alot of gummy bears for Easter pls..:)

  228. Hi I will leave you a basket of carrots if you leave me a smasher at my bedroom door plz

  229. Dear Easter bunny we are Molly and Aoibh. We are so excited for your visit and to see what you leave us.

  230. hi Easter bunny i am Leila i would like a squishy pleas my dad’s dog would see you tonight.

  231. Dear Easter Bunny,
    Please leave an egg outside my room, at my doorstep.
    I will leave some carrots for you as well.
    Love, Evan:)

  232. hi i’m leila as you konw i a’m gona trie to catch you tonight i hope you dont mind i left sweets
    and a carrot if you dont mind i wold get me a squishy thank you.

  233. Do you deliver to Antarctica?

  234. hi
    easter bunny

  235. Thank U 4 my gifts ur da best!

  236. can’t wait until tomorrow!! It’s almost Easter!

  237. when are you coming to rochester,nh?

  238. hi everyone me and my puppy hope you guys are having a great easter eve.And if you caneaster bunny can you put eggs in my backyard for a egg hunt? if you do please be care full of the pool or you will fall thro the cover! and me and my puppy are soooooo exited! if you guys can plz write me back and ill write back.

    your friend Laila

  239. hi Eater bunny you are the best last year In 2017 you going me everything I wanted

  240. i just saw the easter bunny hopping aroundthe seahawks stadium (centry link field) laying eggs merryeaster to all

  241. Easter bonnie can i have a bunny teeddy from callum MCclintock

  242. hes in Cairo Eygpt

  243. can i Had Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel Easter Egg of Easter Bunny for Easter

  244. hello easter bunny! my name is chloe and i can’t wait to see what i yummy goodies you brought me! i can’t wait until you come to saratoga springs NY! love you easter bunny. i hope all of you have a great easter!

  245. Hi easter bunny

  246. Hi Easter bunny so excited to eat Easter eggs

  247. Hi Am tj love you Easter honey cloutoutok

  248. hi easter bunny my name is Nadia. you now i have a cat named mr. whiskers.I made you some stuff and i gave you food!My cat mr. whiskers can not wate to see you and thank you for what you give me ever it is so nice of you. you are so sweet and kind!have fun .

    Nadia and mr .whiskers

  249. It’s 2am here
    The Easter bunny has been
    Love yo Easter bunny

  250. Dear Easter Bunny i have a delicious snack for you when you arrive! Travel safely Keegan

  251. To easter bunny can you put little Easter eggs hide little Easter eggs in the siting room me and noah can I have a egg hunt and please put the big eggs on the window window please on the window sill please Big eggs.

  252. When will you be in Newcastle from James

  253. hbscuihdyzh says


  254. andycaasaon says

    dear easter bunny iwill leave you some carrrits and some fruit snacks too take with you on easter and have anice happy easter your friend andy

  255. Hello Easter bunny I would like a Easter hunt around the house please. I want you to give a chocolate egg to my dad for tomorrow. I live in England hull so I will be in my bedroom I will leave you a carrot.xxx

  256. Where is the Easter bunny at now

  257. My name is Rebecca and I can not wait to

  258. Hudson he problity

  259. To Easter Bunny thank you for my Easter eggs and my name is Rebecca and I am 7 and do you come from the door, chimely,window 2018 please tell me by 9.00 please tank you from Rebecca..Easter Bunny. Easter eggs.

  260. Can you hide eggs so i can have an egg hunt

  261. I can not wait

  262. Hi Easter Bunny, my name is Flynn. I hope you have a good time delivering all the eggs to the children and my dog will see you. He will think you’re a stranger but he knows you’re not. I will like a chocolate egg and a chocolate bar and I hope you put an Easter egg hunt out for me. Have a good night. Love Flynn

  263. Tristan and Olivia says

    TO the Easter bunny I hope you’re excited to give children chocolate love Olivia and Tristan

  264. Hey Easter bunny I would really like a Oreo egg this year and as you might know my name is Holly I a m trying to spot you I live in England! Also pls can we have an egg hunt either in or oust side pls I would really really like it if you sent me of a pic of you or a signature pls

  265. Hi Easter bunny hope you come to Sioux city and I would like a egg hunt

  266. Hi, Easter bunny
    i love your Easter eggs thank you so much i love you so much i will leave a message when you are here on the mantle pest look at our kittens and cat in the box please be quet i live in the united kingdom love Rhiannon

  267. his easter bunny come to Snohomish wa tonigh

  268. I don’t think he/she lives in Easter Island

  269. Hi easter bunny ur name is flopsy my name is Megan as you may now i have 7 week old hamster calkef henry and a cat called snowy this year before you get to my address i eould like a egg hunt

  270. Hi Easter bunny my name is Daniel. I can’t wait until you come to Shrewsbury UK. Is there any chance if you could make a Easter egg hunt at my house. My dog Oliver who is a black labradar. He is full of energy to play with you and he loves seeing you each year. My dog will see you tonight

  271. 3:00 am

  272. the air coditorner unit

  273. He is in Ruuuuusha

  274. I just started 1 hour ago

  275. The ester bonny is coming to Manchester N.H

  276. just joined

  277. can not wait for easter

  278. Hi EB,did you get my letter? I sent it to Easter Island.Lots of love,Lucia xxxxx

  279. Does the Easter bunny come down the chimney or thru the front door ?

  280. Hi Easter bunny,
    My name is keiran this year i would like a Easter trail in my garden [Just like normal]. I live in the United kingdom,i have got a Easter bunny teddie just called Hop because i watched the movie this morning and it is a great movie.

  281. In The Morning I want eggs in my garden

  282. I will go to sleep early

  283. dear easter bunny can you pls bring me mario maker
    for the 3ds

  284. weather

  285. yes

  286. Maybe tell him that…
    On a note…

  287. 11.30am tomrrow morning I think

  288. Hi we are tracking Easter bunny how long until you are in Manchester

  289. Elizabeth says

    When is the easter bunny coming to Huntington Beach ?

  290. JakeM0612 says

    England time

  291. JakeM0612 says

    Happy Easter guys. Been tracing this since 10

  292. When is the Easter bunny in Liverpool

  293. Hi easter bunny!

  294. I am good thankyou Rugby stokes

  295. Hi Easter bunny please may we have an egg hunt. Have left you carrots and a card love Elen & Megan xxxxxxxxxxxx

  296. Happy easter to you to jakemo612

  297. Have you been in The United States, yet?

  298. Have you been to Okinawa yet?

  299. Happy Easter to everyone

  300. Rigby stokes says

    How you doing

  301. Hi Easter bunny I’m in the United Kingdom in hull so I have to wait bring my dad something please and my grandmas Easter eggs for me.can I have an Easter egg hunt

  302. Hi Easter bunny

  303. Hi

  304. Hi Easter bunny


  306. dear easter bunny, can you bring me a itunes card so I can buy V bucks on fortnite mobile, from chase

  307. I love the Easter bunny

  308. robert lott says

    hello easter bunny we love you and watch out for gertie

  309. hi easter bunny
    please give me a nintedo switch
    p.s i’m giveing ya a big meal (^o^)(^-^)()

  310. good luck on your trip

  311. Hi olly
    Easter bunny

  312. He’s been here, about to go eat my chocolate all at 1am 😉

  313. Slime Girl says

    Awwwwww super sad hope he has a great Easter

  314. dear easter bunny hi

  315. yayo

  316. Puppyworld123456! says

    Have a great trip Easter Bunny

  317. i am gowing to etsplowd

  318. Yeah! I’m excited! Me and my sister and brother in law can not wait!! 😀

  319. i am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo eggsided fou ester

  320. i love bunnys

  321. Hello Easter bunny, remember to come to the hotel. I will leave a carrot. I love you. ❤️

  322. Please can you come to my house at 12 and easter Bunny i leave you some carrot and water can you leave egg around my garden back can you leave gift basket for me and a Big egg for and can you leave candy for me and easter Bunny my name is ethan
    Im be in bed early at 10

  323. XBL Minion says

    Have A nice Easter

  324. Elizabeth says

    hi easter bunny is there any chololate eggs for me? or my Dad

  325. Me and my nephew Austin are so eggcited (it’s his 1st Easter)

  326. Hi Easter Bunny, you are a sweet Bunny. Also you are a nice Bunny. I will go to bed early. To the Easter Bunny from Ava

  327. Dear Easter Bunny
    Can you bring me a hamster
    I want it to be a girl
    love Brinley
    I love the Easter Bunny

  328. Hey easter bunny it’s mya what I want for Easter is a basketball in a basket

  329. Hey guys it is so most sister I hope you have a good Easter guys

  330. Hi we will see you tomorrow I wanna see you spotted in IL

  331. Me and my sister can’t wait for you to come! (By the way, make sure to bring us lots of peeps and other candy!)

  332. i love u easter bunny leave lods of eggs for me

  333. I wonder how old is the Easter Bunny ? How old are you Easter Bunny ? One More how old do you have to be before you hand your job to your son or grand son?

  334. Hi Easter bunny! I can’t believe it is Easter already More like Easter Eve I’m so excited I’ll leave you carrots! Goodbye have a safe trip!:)

  335. easter is so soon

  336. canit wait

  337. Easter bunny, how old do you stop visiting people

  338. Dear Easter Bunny, I love you very much. Bring a lot of eggs to my house please. Easter Bunny I’ll go to bed early and I will leave carrots for you.

  339. Wait i live in shrewsbury

  340. Can’t wait until Easter bunny comes to Shrewsbury uk

  341. I live in Lyons, il

  342. Chase Hoffman says

    Give me V Bucks for Fortnite Bunny please

  343. im so excited!

  344. Please bring me a ho or board

  345. hello were having so much fun tracking the easter bunny this 2018 today were going to pant eggs make cupcakes and watch hop hope you guys are having a assume easter

  346. I’m in the United States he is taking a long time

  347. We are waiting!

  348. Laynee love says

    Love You Easter Day. I’m playing a good joke lea/breanna

  349. I’m sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo eggsided

  350. Addy + Immy + Spy + bunny = WALA says

    The Easter Bunny is SO close!!I’m a WA Chic

  351. Hi Easter bunny l hope your not worn out love Rosie xxx

  352. Wow

  353. Easter Bunny
    is in Australia at the moment exciting news

  354. Dear Easter Bunny,
    I lest you a suprise at my house. I hope you like it!
    P.S Could you Please leave some extra eggs for my baby sister sienna

    Love, Seth

  355. Charles Badmone says

    plz come to my house and bring us a special treat

  356. Bella cookie says

    Easter is the best

  357. Angelcatsdogs says


  358. Asha Dayle says

    I hope you delivery Vegan Easter Eggs!! 🙂

  359. Amber and Chloe says

    Dear Easter bunny,

    Can you please make sure our dog doesn’t eat our eggs?
    Thank you
    We love you and we are very excited we saw you in New Zealand
    And mummy said we had to go to sleep otherwise you don’t come.

    Love Amber and Chloe

  360. Asha Dayle says

    Can’t wait EB til your in Western Australia xox

  361. I live in woolamen and he still esent here!

  362. Issy and Seba says

    Dear Easter bunny can you please not put our eggs around the house because it’s too hot. Love Issy and Seba xxx

  363. Emma Barrett says

    How you swim on ocean? Or just boats yourself?

  364. I hope you will put on chair and I want Harry Potter Easter egg and surprises and Clodagh and Saoirse want surprise and Sive want Harry Potter Easter Egg and surprise and I hope you come to Ireland for all houses!
    Happy Easter from Emma Barrett and Clodagh Barrett and Saoirse Barrett and Sive Barrett

  365. Hi Easter bunny I wish the best for you it started to rain here

  366. Dear Easter Bunny…

    Please visit our house. While I may be 14 and you no longer visit me, my brother has a very sore headache and really misses you…
    Please visit us… ❤

  367. happy easter to you

  368. hes magical

  369. he will tell you

  370. I am going to set up a camria for Easter

  371. Dear easter bunny, I hope we get a easter hunt this year, happy travels love Jenifer

  372. so excited

  373. Lucky! I have to wait another 16 hours!

  374. Hi Easter Bunny…..when you get to my house can you please deliver eggstra cholocates and goods? Love Alexys

  375. JakeM0612 says

    Happy Easter

  376. JakeM0612 says

    I’m in England. He’s taking quite a while

  377. Addy + Immy + Spy + bunny = WALA says

    Omg I’m from WA with my BFF Immy we have made traps

  378. I’m In Central Coast!! Australia He Is SOOO close

  379. easter bunny is in Melbourne right now!

  380. bigbasher22 says

    So far, so good! Good luck, Easter Bunny, as you travel around the world.

  381. Caitlyn and the bunny says

    The Easter Bunny is in Melbourne so everyone go to sleep now I’m so very excited for him/her to come

  382. hi easter bunny have safe travels

  383. charlotte says

    Can the Easter bunny please eave me a note and a egg hunt please.

  384. Can’t wait till you get here (Australia) I wish I was already tomorrow Easter I one of my favourite things cannot wait to get up and lol for Easter eggs love the Easter bunny from Jorja

  385. it is snowing for Easter this year

  386. Hi Easter bunny

  387. Its passes so fast I cant wait all the chocolate today I’m doing so much to dell with Easter I probably cant sleep tonight

  388. The easter bunnies in Melbourne Australia and I’m in adelaide! Gosh I need to go to bed soon! I’m

  389. hi can you please do a easter hunt please thanks mia liam noah ali dave

  390. lol he is taking a while

  391. Also Please Leave me a Note ty.. love u

  392. When Does The Easter Bunny Come To Australia and , IM A BIG FAN OF THE EASTER BUNNY , TELL HIM TO LEAVE ME A Nice Little Hunt!!

  393. How do you get over the Pacific ocean?

  394. Easterbunnyrocks says

    Happy Easter Eve!

  395. Please hide me and my sisters eggs and baskets!!Please leave me a note!! Have happy and safe travels!! – Grace

  396. omg easter bunny is coming yay cant wait he is very nearby i think


  397. Ton That Khanh says

    I’m here waiting for the Easter bunny

  398. Harriet and Charlotte says

    We are your biggest fans Easter Bunny. We love you Love Harriet and Charlotte xxx

  399. Hi Easter Bunny Can’t wait it is 9:20pm In Australia can’t wait for u to come

  400. Hi Easter Bunny……we love you , i would like to know how long it takes to arrive in Sydney ?..Can I ask what colour are you ??…Love you – From Tahlia .Xx.

  401. Zach.griffiths says

    When I checked the first time he wasn’t delivering egg’s but now he is already hit three places in New Zealand

  402. hi

  403. Can you hide my eggs and my sisters and send me a letter and get the tooth fairy for my tooth. What time will you be in Blackburn.

  404. me to

  405. We have got acorns for you in case you want a snack

  406. My family is very keen for you to come. I love you.

  407. I love the Easter Bunny I think he or she is real I love him. I love him. I can’t wait till you get here

  408. Hi

  409. I’m here waiting for the Easter bunny

  410. When will he leave the workshop?

  411. I’m waiting for the easter bunny tracker to start

  412. I’m so excited for easter tomorrow and to start tracking the easter bunny

  413. can the Easter bunny please laves all a notes please

  414. Happy Easter everyone a would like a letter

  415. happy easter bunny pless give me a letter

  416. yes

  417. yes good plan

  418. I going to track Easter bunny when it near Easter time

  419. That a good time

  420. hello

  421. YAY hi easter bunny tonight you come to little kids houses because tommorow is easter get ready easter bunny!! good luck easter bunny! make kids proud!! 😀

  422. is the Easter billby real yes or no

  423. Happy Easter everyone!

  424. Hi

  425. Hi Easter Bunny! I cant wait! Thank you so much for making every Easter amazing!

    – Madelynn

  426. I thought I saw you last year. Can’t wait to get all kinds of candy tonight/tomorrow.

  427. I love you easter bunny

  428. McKenzie + Zoe says

    Dear Easter Bunny,

    I can have a phone in my basket? Zoe wants barbies

  429. omg me too

  430. I love the easter bunny
    please respond

  431. love you easter bunny
    cant wait til you get to my house


  433. I CAN’T WAIT

  434. hi

  435. Mattisyn is so eggcited

  436. I will track the Easter bunny online.

  437. easter bunny leave us letter

  438. Hi I want a Wii U black system for Easter

  439. Hi but some cold whether we all want Easter

  440. hi

  441. I would too like the Easter Bunny to leave us a letter!

  442. hi easter bunny i’m here

  443. i can,t wait

  444. Please write us a letter. I would like it. I am so excited for Easter. I hope I get to have a good ester. Love, Harper

  445. dear mr easter bunny i aw ur email u sentme i can wait to see what big thing i got fro u LOVE U HAPPY EASTER

  446. Mom Boerner says

    I will start tracking you at 5:00am

  447. 3 words: I CANT WAIT

  448. I just got your letter in my moms email. Thank you so much. I love getting letters from the you. I am so EXCITED for tomorrow and tracking you till you get closer to my house. Love you Easter Bunny.

  449. dear Easter bunny are you leave plastic eggs at my house!

  450. I want candy

  451. my friend once saw the easter bunny at her desk. i was amazed.

    i was awake when the easter bunny came last year, but i closed my eyes.

    interesting stories

    i love the easter bunny cuddly snuggly yay so excited easter is in 2 more days! YAY

  452. Easter Awesomeness says

    WE’RE BACK!! Happy Easter everyone (almost)

  453. Hi easter bunny I rely want a fit bit and american girl doll things.

  454. Jessica 7 says

    I love the easter bunny

  455. I heart Squishy! says

    Hi my sister say’s hi to the Bunny or whatever. cute idea! Amazing for little ones THE EASTER BUNNY IS REAL PEOPLE

  456. i am excited for easter this year for easter i want a fit bit so bad and alot of candy and chocalate yum yum thanks easter bunny i love you

  457. little kid:bunny bunny bunny
    little kid:where does the Easter bunny live mommy
    mom: easter land fosure
    little kid:I will track him down and pet him

  458. 6 more days can’t wait ==easter

  459. Hello Easter Bunny.

    i wish you good luck this year, and I am VERY excited!

    Thank you!

  460. hello im so existed for easter I’m going to track him and last year I heard loud jumps down stairs when I heard it stop I ran down and looked out side and saw pig foot steps in the snow and had eggs hiding and my backlit waiting for me can’t wait to hear him this year your friend Mariah

  461. When does the trackeaster up and running

  462. Dear easter bunny, for easter i wanna get way better at math.

  463. i wuv easter!

  464. My kids are so excited. They are looking forward to tracking the Easter Bunny.

  465. andycaasaon says

    dear easter bunny for easter iwouold like some smarts for easter your friend andy

  466. Bella cookie says


  467. yah the easter bunny is coming!

  468. do a good job this year

  469. Thank you so much for the gift

  470. The Easter bunny is so cool thank you for my gifts

  471. I just saw the Easter Bunny! He is across the street from me, hopping around the San Francisco 49ers Stadium (Levi’s Stadium) and leaving eggs and treats!!

  472. Easterbunnyrocks says

    hope everyone is having a good easter

  473. I can’t wait for the Easter bunny

  474. My parents told the easter bunny that my siblings and i only get 10 eggs each.
    Plus they sleep late on easter :/

  475. Wow I can’t wait till we can see what we got from the Easter bunny

  476. Danielle Dewitt says

    The time is wrong. It’s actually 11.50am. How do you put that right?

  477. YAY

  478. Easterbunnyrocks says

    Also if you check in the top corner it show you where he was last seen!

  479. Easterbunnyrocks says

    Breanna the place where the easter bunny is right now will be the place where the track easter bunny mascot is hopping.hope I helped 🙂

  480. Sofia Wall says


  481. How do I tell where the Easter bunny is I got up early to see this boot eastern time at 5 am and it booted up already I can’t tell where the Easter bunny is please help someone

  482. Yay it’s up lets track that bunny

  483. EasterAwesomeness says

    It’s up!! Let’s track that Bunny!

  484. Annaliese says

    Hi Easter bunny hope u have safe travels around the world and can’t wait what you have for us all

    By the way when does the tracker start it’s not working yet

  485. Quinn & Bree says

    Thank you 🙂

  486. Quinn & Bree says

    Thank you 🙂

  487. hi easter bunny how are you going

  488. Can’t wait to see what you have for me

  489. cool bunny says

    ITS carrots and water I think

  490. Sofia Wall says

    When does it begin? It hasn’t started yet?

  491. Dear Easter bunny I would really love to know what your real phone number is so that I can ring you. And when you visit our house we will have a little note saying thank you for bringing the easter treats to us.

  492. Hi. Is the tracker on?

  493. cool bunny says

    I agree

  494. EasterAwesomeness says

    The Easter bunny likes to drink carrot juice and milk. He likes to eat carrots. I would leave carrots for the Easter Bunny. Happy Easter!!

  495. the tracking bunker says


  496. Cute cookie says

    The Easter bunny is coming to town

  497. i am being goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

  498. Aubrey C. says

    Dear ester bunny I forgot I also want 2 VIP tickets for Cimorelli I hope you will write back and it will make me so happy and thankful

  499. Aubrey C. says

    Dear ester bunny I would like 2 tickets to Ellen show VIP I hope you will get this message thank you ps I want a lot of chocolate

  500. Hi Easter Bunny!
    I would like to ask what time you leave for your deliveries tonight?
    I want to go to bed in time so that I don’t miss out.

    Thank you Alli.

  501. Gregory H. says

    Dear Easter bunny can you tell me what’s is your favorite drink

  502. Quinn & Bree says

    Dear Easter bunny,
    Can you please tell us what is your faourite thing to drink and eat?
    We, Quinn and Bree (4yrs old), would like to leave you a small thank you for visiting us.

  503. Hi Easter bunny you rock

  504. easter bunny 1# says


  505. the tracking bunker says

    can’t what to start tracking eb and Santa thanks from the bunker

  506. easter bunny 1# says

    my time is not right on the last text i made it was 5:43pm

  507. Easterbunnyrocks says

    I’ll be back at 5 am guys 4th year tracking !

  508. Easterbunnyrocks says

    Can’t wait sooooo cloooose

  509. I am ready

  510. easter bunny 1# says

    hey madeline gray your lucky i live in canada tomorrow is easter eve. because your in australia is 20 hours ahead of my time.

  511. Hailey buy to Easter eggs and bunny chocolate

  512. funny bunny 4 easter says

    happy Easter from Liberty,mo USA

  513. Kia buy to Easter eggs and bunny chocolate

  514. Kia buy to easter eggs and bunny chocolate

  515. Hailey buy to Easter eggs and bunny chocolate

  516. Tomorrow is Easter morning in Australia can’t wait

  517. EasterAwesomeness says

    I’ll jump on here tomorrow at 5AM! Happy Easter everyone!

  518. Easter Bunny leave something good please!

  519. i was really lucky to come across this year and cant wait for it to be online and show my daughter it will make Easter that much more special to know where the Easter bunny great work Easter bunny and team

  520. I am so excited! I can’t even wait! from Matthew

  521. Cute cookie says

    It’s tomorrow yay

  522. 10th 2017 Comment

  523. When will you open he tracker?

  524. wooohoooo its easter friday

  525. Cute cookie says

    Can’t wait start tracking pleaseeeeeeeeee

  526. really

  527. first 2017 commet

  528. omg I love easter so much

  529. so excited for Easter the hype is real. Going to watch it all day with my little brother.(: I cannot wait!!!!!

  530. lucaswayne20 says

    I like this Easter Bunny Tracker
    I’ve been tracking since 2014

  531. EasterAwesomeness says


  532. lucaswayne20 says

    So excited

  533. ReadyForEaster5 says

    yay can wait!!

  534. EasterAwesomeness says

    I’m back this year as EasterAwesomeness!

  535. I can’t wait for Easter!!!!! Only 6 days left until the Easter Bunny begins his journey!!!!!!!!!

  536. lucaswayne20 says

    I’m so excited for Easter!

  537. ReadyForEaster9 says

    OMG I’m so excited!! for Easter I’m goanna watch this all day on Easter only a couple days away we can do it everybody!! oh and congratulations to sonic boom for 1st 2017 comment I guess I’m second LOL if you wanna reply that’s fine see all of you and HAPPY EASTER!!!

  538. Sonicboom363 Gaming says

    First 2017 Comment!

  539. KeikoSatome says

    we should form a big group,and be official easter bunny tracker volunteers.

  540. HollyGagnon says

    Bingo! I love the Easter Bunny just as much as Santa Claus. I now follow both each year! I suggested my Niece and Nephew from England to also follow the Easter Bunny! as they were the ones that got me to follow Santa Claus! ~Holly

  541. @Datmemestho Same, but comments are invisible when it’s too Early. When they post a comment early, it won’t show up until it’s time. So I’d rather wait until it’s getting real close to Easter….. Happy Easter!

  542. Same, see you next year! @lajames

  543. KeikoSatome says

    2006JA  me too I want it to be easter again.

  544. next year im coming back to this website

  545. kadinwhite123 i got flip flops

  546. easterbunnylove says

    i wish the easter bunny was still delivering goodies

  547. chadwiley04 says

    Me too!

  548. HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!!!! I hope you got SOMETHING you want! Happy Easter! I had fun tracking the bunny! See you all next year!

  549. The Easter Bunny was coming to my area

  550. kadinwhite123 says

    The Easter bunny gave me shoes did anyone else get. Shoes

  551. ccccccccccccccc says

    I got so much candy Easterbunnyrocks and My fam does an egg hunt!!!

  552. i got newsies cd !!!!!!!! and candy

  553. HollyGagnon says

    I have friends over in England, they celebrate both: Easter & Passover…so they get pretty well sugared up this time of year! I always tell them: “I thought you two were sweet enough?” (they think that’s funny!)

  554. Sonicboom363 TheSonicFan says

    Easter bunny Is finishing his journey! He is most likely at his last stop now!

  555. Easterbunnyrocks says

    I got soo much candy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  556. KeikoSatome says

    EasterAwesomeness  me neither i’m so anxious and excited.

  557. KeikoSatome says

    lajames I love the Easter bunny  I love the easter bunny,and i’m a newsies fan too.

  558. Easterawesome says


  559. never mined we are doing an easter egg hunt

  560. If the Easter Bunny visited you already, I hope you enjoy your gifts!

  561. he is really fast he aredy  delivered 956,003,222. i bet he’s tired but he still has a job to do.

  562. ccccccccccccccc says

    EasterAwesomeness  Yea!!!!!

  563. The Easter Bunny is impossible to catch on tape no matter what you do. Videos that catch him on tape are just people dressed in costumes. Don’t try to catch The Easter Bunny if you want presents 🙂

  564. I love the Easter bunny says

    Who’s your fav character

  565. chadwiley04 says


  566. Easterbunnyrocks says


  567. Easterbunnyrocks says

    Hes in India!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  568. That’s because Australia is a very big place, so The Easter Bunny has to make sure he has all the good kids

  569. I love the Easter bunny yes i didnt know on a easter bunny tracker i would find a newsies fan

  570. KeikoSatome says

    EasterAwesomeness KeikoSatome  thanks I couldn’t keep my eyes open

  571. Sonicboom363 TheSonicFan says

    Easter ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  572. I can’t wait until The Easter Bunny gets to the states!

  573. KeikoSatome says

    the easter bunny is in north korea

  574. Got questions about The Easter bunny? Go here to get them answered: https://trackeasterbunny.com/faqs/

  575. KeikoSatome  The tracker began at 5 AM. It will stop at 5AM again.

  576. Jacko123  Egg-xactly!

  577. KeikoSatome says

    how long before you get here Mr.Easter Bunny?

  578. Wow! That’s new!!! There’s eggs on the map to show you where The Easter Bunny delivered eggs! They didn’t do this last year! O:

  579. running It’s because on the map, it’s showing you where The Easter Bunny has already been to.

  580. hoppy Easter everyone

  581. rockygaming12346 says

    i hope you guys get what you want for easter and i cant wait for him to come to my house i cant wait to see what he is bring me i like fineing easter eggs click like if you like fineing easter eggs 🙂

  582. i just woke up an the easter bunny has already delivered 15,855,888 baskets. i feel lazy right now

  583. Sonicboom363 TheSonicFan says

    He finally left, Wow, he must be Busy!

  584. Sonicboom363 TheSonicFan says

    Easter Bunny Is Taking A long time in Australia!

  585. ICBAGF2017 says

    Sonicboom363 TheSonicFan Hi

  586. ICBAGF2017 says

    Hi guys

  587. rockygaming12346 says

    i cant wait COME ON EASTER BUNNY

  588. the Easter bunny is still not here yet in Georgia.

  589. i love easteri love easteri love easteri love easter i love easter

  590. i saw the Easter Bunny in kindergarten through the window when i was putting my shoes on he was a real bunny 1 foot away from me!!!!!!!

  591. Easter202004 says

    wow is it night time for any of you because I just woke up and its morning for me and the easter bunny wont come  till  later tonight because I’m on the other side in North America in Maine.

  592. Happy Easter Everyone, I hope your Easter is filled with love, joy, hope and chocolate

  593. Easterbunnyrocks says

    TheEasterWolf same

  594. Sonicboom363 TheSonicFan says

    Surprisingly, Easter Bunny is still in New Zealand!!!!!!

  595. Easterbunnyrocks says

    happy easter eve

  596. TheEasterWolf says

    Happy Easter’s Eve to everyone!

  597. He’s Taking a while in New Zealand, the last update was 40 minutes ago

  598. Yea it’s pretty cool!

  599. EasterAwesomeness woah he did i didn’t know that?

  600. It’s been 15 minutes and The Easter Bunny already delivered 197,543 baskets of candy! How? I can’t even do that! He must be egg-stra fast!

  601. TheEasterWolf i love your name have a happy easter!

  602. Sonicboom363 TheSonicFan says


  603. KeikoSatome  This is a question in the FAQs. Go here for information: https://trackeasterbunny.com/faqs/can-i-be-an-official-bunny-tracker/

  604. Sonicboom363 TheSonicFan says

    YAAAY!! EASTER (EVE) IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets track that bunny!

  605. TheEasterWolf says

    Hey, I’m very excited for Easter. I’ve been decorating like crazy. I hope the Easter Bunny can bring us some treats tonight! Easter is a special day.. I’m not religious but it still holds some significance for me. Thank you for making this website.. It’s awesome!

  606. TheEasterWolf says

    So excited!

  607. guys i got 3 emails from the easter bunny i’m so happy the tracker is starting in 58 minutes! i thought people stopped commenting

  608. KeikoSatome says

    2006JA  yeppies me too i’m ready

  609. KeikoSatome says

    can I be an Official Easter Bunny Tracker Volunteer.?do we get nmame badges,and hats,and everything.?

  610. He comes as soon as you fall asleep! 🙂

  611. EasterAwesomeness lajames then im glad i chose this website

  612. EasterAwesomeness lajames i did thank you so much for asking

  613. lajames  This is one of the best Easter Bunny trackers there are. It has FAQs about the Easter Bunny, Easter Bunny games, a tracker, and more :D. Some of those trackers our there are fake or not good trackers, but this one is the BEST.

  614. lajames  Hope you had fun 🙂

  615. today we were dying eggs and on all the eggs it has something to do with newsies. i have a good obsession(i think)

  616. For Easter, I want candy and an Easter Egg Hunt

  617. Irina_da_surfer_808  It’ll come to where you are as fast as when you go to sleep, no catching the bunny if you want candy 🙂

  618. i love the Easter bunny! im writing a letter to the Easter saying i want newsies on broadway cd

  619. YAY! I got 2 e-mails from the Easter Bunny.  Press like if you like Easter.  Have a hoppy Easter!

  620. AnastaiahAllie says

    When I woke up on Easter we had 25 inches of snow! Plus like maybe 5 inches of candy covering my floor. i also got a new animal jam membership gift card!! I am sooo happy!!!

  621. Yay!  Until 10:00 the Easter Bunny starts to set off around the world.  So excited! !!!

  622. Easterbunnyrocks says

    It’s soooo Close can’t wait

  623. Press like if you like Easter!!!

  624. mackenzie2001 says

    I cant wait for easter!

  625. Sonicboom363 TheSonicFan says

    Cannot wait for easter!

  626. Getting egg-cited

  627. Irina_da_surfer_808 says

    Mahalo (Thanks)

  628. Irina_da_surfer_808 says

    Hey guys,I’m new to this thing and I know it’s only March 17 (Happy St.Patty’s Day) but do you guys know when the Easter Bunny is going to come to Kauai,Hawaii?

  629. gpainter17 says

    princessdog wow no way, did the easter bunny make it

  630. kornrenay says

    happy easter to everyone an to all the kids happy hope easter bunny bring use all heaps of eggs this year

  631. helloeaster500 says

    sup. its 20 days till easter in USA. cant wait I already have stuff done

  632. CherrySackboy says

    Happy Easter Day 😀

  633. KatFrank oliviacatdawn  Yea. Think about like, Saint Patrick’s day XD. You have to get asleep for him to come

  634. sierra20042007  No, do not set a camera to catch him. It’s a waste of time. The Easter bunny is impossible to catch on tape because he is super fast. He tries to be as quick as possible in a house. He goes into your house, quickly fills the basket, then runs out. It’s quick because it wants to make it back on time and it doesn’t want anyone seeing it. A couple years ago, I tried to catch him and it never worked. I once blinked an eye on the video and the basket was filled. So please, do not try to do it. The Easter bunny doesn’t like that. Also, he won’t come until you’re asleep! So be normal going to bed. The next morning, look at your candy. The Easter bunny tries to be like The Flash. So don’t catch him. I hope you have a Happy Easter!

  635. EasterxBunneh says

    cooperg KatFrank Awesome!!

  636. chelsea090614 says

    HAPPY EASTER!!! Hope the Easter bunny was nice to you. I’m on my iPod tuping this and I have not seen what he gave me!

  637. KatFrank says


  638. KatFrank has the Easter bunny come to you yet?

  639. jessicaready10 says

    still cant fall asleep it is so late

  640. akgadsby says

    I really like this tracker!

  641. Kate the great says

    Happy Easter Everyone I can’t sleep

  642. SarahHollandHargis says

    When will he come to Arizona


  644. thekittensmeows says

    Now i wait to see if he comes to PA

  645. jaylieschreiber356 says

    gamer2286  that’s cool what did he say

  646. dustin8428 says

    KatFrank hayliecutie do you guys have some peeps I do

  647. dustin8428 says

    its 8:28 in WASHINGTON

  648. jessicaready10 says

    cant fall asleep

  649. nickyeasterbunny says

    gamer2286 Really what did he say?

  650. nickyeasterbunny says

    Its been 10 minutes it feels like 10 years!

  651. nickyeasterbunny says

    Cant wait

  652. dustin8428 says

    say I if you want legos

  653. Kate the great says

    When will he come to Texas

  654. chelsea090614 says

    Hot Choco  when he gets there lol

  655. chelsea090614 says

    gamer2286  awesome!!

  656. KatFrank says

    Kate the great Me too!

  657. KatFrank says

    Hot Choco Shortly just be patient. You have to be asleep though!

  658. justmelexi says

    when is he gonna come ti Minnesota

  659. gamer2286 Really :0

  660. flowergirl2189 same

  661. when is he gonna come to pittsburgh D:

  662. gamer2286 says

    Happy easter Everyone! 🙂

  663. gamer2286 says

    The Easter Bunny Just Emailed Me. 😀

  664. yeah i did KatFrank 🙂

  665. Kate the great says

    I am so tired

  666. chelsea090614 says

    sierra20042007  Hope you catch him on camera!!

  667. sierra20042007 Don’t do it it’s not worth your time! Easter Bunny is impossible to catch on tape or just catch! Also if your not asleep he will not come!

  668. chelsea090614 says

    KatFrank I hope so!!

  669. I can not wait for Easter Bunny to come tonight! I’m going to be going off my computer and then at 9:30 PM go to bed for Easter Bunny! I will be on tomorrow to say Happy Easter Everyone! I hope everyone has a great Easter Eve! Also I hope everyone can go to sleep tonight!

  670. Abbskebabs Maybe Easter Bunny just likes putting your candy on the floor without a basket. My friend that lives in Brisbane Australia she got a basket from Easter Bunny and he put it outside on her porch. Easter Bunny hides my baskets inside. Easter Bunny just does stuff in different ways that’s all!

  671. chelsea090614 Oh cool were in the same time zones! Yeah it seems right for you to go to bed when he reaches Bolivia because he’s close to North America.

  672. sierra20042007 says

    cant wait so exited goin 2 bed at 9 30 and gonna cetch the bunny on camera its gonna bee fun

  673. StormyCouragous I hope I can fall asleep tonight.

  674. eliza0006 Oh wow that’s early! It’s 8:08 PM for me! I’m going to bed at 9:30 PM.

  675. eliza0006 says

    I cant wait I live in usa and it is 4 48 I cant wait

  676. I can not wait for Easter Bunny to come tonight! It’s 7:44 PM right now and I have to go to bed at 9:30 PM. Once I wake up i’m going to rush on here and type Happy Easter and see if I got anything!

  677. Kate the great it’s 7:42 PM for me right now. I have to go to bed at 9:30.

  678. cooperg Did you get anything cooperg?

  679. chelsea090614 says

    KatFrank We are in the same time zone!  I usally go to bed when he reaches Bolivia. Same with Santa Claus

  680. StormyCouragous says

    KatFrank flowergirl2189  Me too, I probably wont fall asleep because im excited though

  681. oliviacatdawn Well you have to sleep! I’m excited too but i’m a little bit tired so i’m fine for now. Just try not think about Easter Bunny or Easter Day and then it will arrive quicker!

  682. StormyCouragous says

    Im excited too

  683. chelsea090614 Oh that’s not good. Well i’m sure Easter Bunny can handle any weather conditions!

  684. Kate the great I’m so excited! Good thing i’m feeling a little tired!

  685. chelsea090614 Me either! I am so excited but i’m sleepy so I should be fine!

  686. flowergirl2189 It’s 7:38 PM for me. I’m going to bed at 9:30 tonight.

  687. Kate the great says

    I know I can’t wait either

  688. chelsea090614 says

    It’s snowing here in Ontario now 🙁

  689. oliviacatdawn says


  690. chelsea090614 says

    Can’t wait till he comes to my house!!

  691. BouncyFeet says

    So cool

  692. flowergirl2189 says

    It’s Only 3:34 Here, SOOOO excited!!!!!

  693. cheesepizza5422 Thank you cheesepizza5422. I can not wait for Easter can you?

  694. hayliecutie I’m excited for Easter Bunny to come too! I can not wait to see what I get! I usually get toys and a little bit of candy. It doesn’t really matter what you get but I thought I would just share.

  695. hayliecutie its 8:26 Easter morning where i am!

  696. hayliecutie Well I think i’m in the clear this year with the sleeping part hayliecutie (Let’s hope I am). I went to bed at 10:00 PM last night then woke up at 4:00 Am. I heard waking up early helps because it makes you tired. All I have to do after that is not think of Easter and then I wake up and scream it’s EASTER! I’m so excited!

  697. hayliecutie It’s 6:20 PM for me!

  698. Abbskebabs I know i’m excited too! It’s 6:19 PM for me!

  699. Abbskebabs Well you better get to bed so he can come!

  700. Kate the great Me too!

  701. its five forty one here so exited its Easter eve probably wont sleep

  702. its 5; 38 pm here and i am just siked for the Easter bunny to visit. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Easter eve

  703. Abbskebabs says

    I don’t get a basket all of my chocolate eggs are I a pile on the floor with other bits and pieces with it

  704. Abbskebabs says

    It is 10:23 pm where I am 2 more hours than its EASTER!!!

  705. Abbskebabs says

    Easter bunny at Athens Greece think he’s near me soon

  706. Kate the great says

    I can’t belive how many baskets he’s deliverd

  707. KatFrank says

    Easter Bunny has been in Moscow for a long time now.

  708. cheesepizza5422 says

    KatFrank I love your profile picture! I love calicos! If I had a female calico, I would name her Callie. 🙂

  709. KatFrank says

    Kate the great I don’t care what I get in my basket either. I was just telling you what I usually get from the Easter Bunny.

  710. KatFrank says

    Kate the great I’m happy too!

  711. KatFrank says

    Kate the great I’m in USA too!

  712. KatFrank says

    Kate the great I can’t fall asleep but I eventually do! I wonder what’s going to be in my basket this year!

  713. KatFrank says

    deleted_75589360_Skip77 I can not wait for tomorrow! Easter Bunny is coming tonight for me! I wish you a happy Easter day deleted_75589360_Skip77.

  714. KatFrank says

    deleted_75589360_Skip77 What I meant was I have to wait till tomorrow for Easter day.