Easter Bunny Tracker

Track the Easter Bunny with our Easter Bunny Tracker: a service that lets you keep track as the Easter Bunny delivers Easter eggs and candy to the homes of children. The Easter Bunny Tracker provides updates to kids of all ages as the Easter Bunny travels around the world. 

Current System Status: Initializing

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Easter Bunny Tracker

The Easter Bunny Tracker is currently offline, but will be going online for Easter 2019 shortly. Learn more about the different operational states of the Easter Bunny Tracker here.

You can check our blog or join our newsletter for additional updates about this year’s activities and our plans for 2019!


  1. That great Tracking the Easter bunny all day on Saturday 31st March
    I was so fun we leaved some carrots for him

  2. thank you

  3. Thank you for my Super Mario Board game! Hope to see you next year!

  4. yay he came

    • He came to my house in Melbone and gave me and my sister over 100 Easter eggs each!
      And me and my sister heard him jumping and we saw him close our doors

  5. Hey Easter bunny can you please bring my baby sisters Easter basket too it’s her first Easter and bring me one too

  6. He put my eggs in a row.

  7. We live in British Columbia Canada..we can’t sleep. We are waiting haven’t seen him yet

  8. Hopefully you can come to my home in Ducan

  9. Come to my house tomarow from summer and Alfie

  10. Love ya Easter Bunny! 😀

  11. lots of love

  12. weston2010 says

    He came to my house and I saw him he is fluffy

  13. Leave carrots are a vegetable leave a note saying thank you! And most importantly believe

  14. Jinangou says

    Did you leave the Easter eggs EASTER BUNNY?

  15. Aiyana Hutchinson says

    Hope you come to our house in Northern Ireland, happy Easter from Aiyana and Safiya.

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