Easter Bunny Tracker

Track the Easter Bunny with our Easter Bunny Tracker: a service that lets you keep track as the Easter Bunny delivers Easter eggs and candy to the homes of children. The Easter Bunny Tracker provides updates to kids of all ages as the Easter Bunny travels around the world. Questions about how the tracker works? Check out the FAQs section

Easter Bunny Tracker

The Easter Bunny Tracker has been powered down following a successful 2018. You can check our blog or join our newsletter for additional updates about this year’s activities and our plans for 2019!


  1. Easter Bunny sorry there were no carrots…

  2. He came 😛 ty

  3. Mckenzie The Savage says:

    My mom doesn’t allow me down until 8:00. I snuck down and the bunny moved my freaking basket.

  4. I love Easter EB. You are so nice to me. You already came here. I have not saw my gifts yet. It is early in the morning here.

  5. How do I say if he comes and add to the map?

  6. Aloha from Hawaii! I’m in Kailua EB!

  7. He already came but I’m not allowed downstairs yet!

  8. It is very early in Minnesota and the bunny haven’t came to my house yet but I am very exited

  9. bring me a xbox 1 with controlor im poor

  10. I hope you all have a beautiful easter everyone HAPPY EASTER

  11. It’s Late here in Canada he already came see you next year mr bunnny

  12. Eb please come by my house

  13. I hope I get something good but I’m not allowed down stairs so yaaaaaa PS I have to say on my 3rd floor

  14. I hope I have great gifts like I do every year!

  15. William D says:

    Dear EB, I am waiting patiently for you to come to my house. I hope I have been good enough! Everyone has spotted you and recorded it on the map. Please can you come to me soon. Love you love from William

  16. Jennifer le says:

    Can’t wait until you get to my house in katy

  17. Please come to Madison.

  18. Saffron says:

    Just woken up and I see bunny ears and a letter thanks Easter bunny I hoped you get my letter and you did I can’t wait to see downstairs

  19. I have always wanted an Apple Watch. My name is Anna but if you cannot get an Apple Watch, a 5 or 10$ bill is fine. Please leave it under my pillow. Thanks! Love you E.B. (Btw, my birthday is april12!! Yayayyay!!)

  20. I think he has already been to my house? But I am not allowed downstairs until 8:30 🙁
    Super excited to see what he has left me! My dog is already excited!

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